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QBzr - Redesign of Browsing Windows

I think we need to discuss the overall design of all the browse windows (qlog, qbrowse, qdiff, qannotate, qcat) together. One of qbzr strengths is it's design consistency. While it's current design has served us well, we are now finding places were it is limiting us.

General Idea

  • Remove buttons at the bottom
  • Have toolbar at the top.
  • Find and Goto line toolbars at the bottom.
  • Ability to change location and/or revision.

Combine Refresh and Throbber

For most windows, we have a refresh button, and a throbber. Generally, the refresh button is disabled when the throbber is visible. So I want to combine the refresh button and throbber. When something is loading, the refresh button will hide, and the throbber will show. The loading message and transport activity will only show in a mouse over tool tip. Where there is no need for a refresh button, a stationary throbber place holder will show.

Log Window


To select the search type, click on the search icon.

Fix for Bug 404153 will look like this:


Also needs to fix Bug 334531.

Browse Window