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bzr-gtk is a plugin for Bazaar that aims to provide GTK+ interfaces to most Bazaar operations.

It will also integrate with the GNOME desktop environment, if GNOME python bindings are found.

Provided user interfaces


Debian Packages

Ubuntu/Debian packages are available from the Bazaar Debian repository. See DistroDownloads for details. These packages are not uploaded as part of the bzr-gtk release process, so they may be one or two releases behind.

These packages are also uploaded to the official Debian and Ubuntu repositories.

Fedora or EPEL Packages

RPMS are available in Fedora or EPEL:

# yum install bzr-gtk

Gentoo Package

Ebuild request submitted, see Gentoo bug 154959.

There is also an ebuild in an unofficial bzr-related overlay on Launchpad:

Mac OS X - MacPorts

bzr-gtk can be installed using MacPorts:

$ sudo port install bzr-gtk


Windows packages by Kevin Light can be found at


bzr-gtk can be installed using portmaster:

$ portmaster devel/bzr-gtk


$ cd /usr/ports/devel/bzr-gtk
$ make install clean

Manual installation

You can use the setup script provided with the tarball:

# ./ install


$ sudo ./ install

Getting and installing the latest code:

$ bzr branch ~/.bazaar/plugins/gtk

Mailing list

There is a mailing list for bzr-gtk. Details can be found at

Please send merge requests to this mailing list. If you are running a recent enough version of Bazaar, it should be possible to just run:

$ bzr send lp:bzr-gtk

from your branch to send a merge request.

This should open a new e-mail message in your mail-client with a feature-revno.patch file attached and '[MERGE] my latest commit message' as subject. If this is not fully the case, you could try to set the 'mail_client = ' variable in ~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf (see for details).

It is possible to send email to the list without being subscribed but please allow us a few days to moderate your message. Please mention if you are not on the list so we can make sure to CC you on any feedback.

Giving back

When you see a way to improve bzr-gtk, you can follow these steps to get your contribution back to the developers as easy as possible.

Create a repository for bzr-gtk and download the current development tree:

$ bzr init-repo bzr-gtk
$ cd bzr-gtk
bzr-gtk$ bzr branch trunk

The folder bzr-gtk/trunk now holds a local copy of the current development tree. When you have an idea for an improvement of the code:

bzr-gtk/trunk$ bzr pull
bzr-gtk$ bzr branch trunk feature

and implement that improvement in the feature branch. Since this is your local, personal branch you can commit whenever you like. Testing the code is easiest by creating a symlink to it in your user's .bazaar/plugins directory:

~/.bazaar/plugins$ ln -s /path/to/bzr-gtk/feature/ gtk

When you have a working feature, we would very much like to receive it. Therefor you should make a bundle of the changes and send that bundle to the bzr-gtk mailing list (see above).