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{{{<logs> {{{
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{{{<status workingtree_root="/Users/guillermo/Projects/BazaarEclipse/bzr-eclipse/trunk/"> {{{
<status workingtree_root="/Users/guillermo/Projects/BazaarEclipse/bzr-eclipse/trunk/">
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{{{<missing> {{{
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{{{<annotation workingtree-root="/home/beuno/test_project/" file="test_file"> {{{
<annotation workingtree-root="/home/beuno/test_project/" file="test_file">
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{{{<info> {{{

This plugin adds an option (--xml) to log and provides an xml version of some builtinss commands that generate XML output. Also it provides a xmlrpc service

Supported commands

  • log
  • xmlstatus
  • xmlannotate
  • xmlmissing
  • xmlinfo
  • xmlplugins
  • xmlversion
  • xmlls
  • start-xmlrpc
    • this starts the xmlrpc service, that provides the following functions:
      • run_bzr: allow to execute any bzr command
      • run_bzr_xml: similar to run_bzr, but report errors in xml format
      • search: provides integration with bzr-search (if it's available)
  • stop-xmlrpc


Latest release - 0.8.4


bzr branch lp:bzr-xmloutput

Experimental branch with a threaded xmlrpc service:

bzr branch lp:~verterok/bzr-xmloutput/threads

Commands to implement:

  • tags?
  • testament?


See XMLOutput/SprintNotes

XML formats


<logs>: contains <log> entries

<log>: represents a commit which can contain: revno, revisionid, committer, branch-nick, timestamp, message, merge, affected-files.

<merge>: contains <log> entries.

<affected-files>: can contain any of the elements present in <status>


        <committer> Patch Queue Manager &lt;;</committer>
        <timestamp>Fri 2007-09-28 05:14:35 +0100</timestamp>
        <message><![CDATA[(robertc) Add bzrlib.errors.!InternalBzrError. (Robert Collins)]]></message>


<status>: it has one attribute: workingtree_root, which is the path to the workingtree root. It can contain: modified, unknown, renamed, kind-changed, removed, conflicts, added.

<modified>, <unknown>, <renamed>, <kind-changed>, <removed>, <conflicts>, <added>: contain directory and/or file elements.

<file>: contains the relative path to the file, and can contain the following attributes: oldpath, oldkind and newkind, fid.

<directory>: contains the relative path to the directory, and can contain the following attributes: oldpath, oldkind and newkind, suffix.

<status workingtree_root="/Users/guillermo/Projects/BazaarEclipse/bzr-eclipse/trunk/">
                <file fid="commandlineclient.ja-20070416055005-sc8qpmryqhgx5f65-24">


<missing>: can contain: <last_location>, <extra_revisions> and <missing_revisions>.

<extra_revisions> and <missing_revision>: contains a <logs> element.

        <extra_revisions size="1">
                                        Guillermo Gonzalez &lt;;
                                <timestamp>Fri 2007-12-21 19:34:45 -0300</timestamp>
                                <message>* merge with quickdiff branch</message>


<annotation>: It has two attributes: workingtree_root, which is the path to the workingtree root, and file, which is the file being annotated. <entry>: Each represents a line. It has revno, author and date as attributes, and contains the text as a value.

<annotation workingtree-root="/home/beuno/test_project/" file="test_file">
        <entry revno="1" author="" date="20080303">This is a test file.</entry>
        <entry revno="6" author="" date="20070404"></entry>
        <entry revno="3" author="" date="20080303">It has multiple lines...</entry>
        <entry revno="3" author="" date="20080222">...just as an example :)</entry>


<info> is the container for the information provided

<layout> displays the current layout

<formats> contains the formats the current branch has, <format> contains the name of the storage format

<location> can contain <shared_repository>, <repository_branch> and/or <branch_root>. These represent paths or URLs.

<related_branches> contains <push_branch> and <parent_branch>. These represent paths or URLs.

Example output:

        <layout>Repository tree</layout>