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What is Bazaar?

Bazaar is a distributed version control system available under the GPL that aids open source development and reduces barriers to participation. Our priorities are to be safe, friendly, free and fast, and to support Windows, GNU/Linux, UNIX and the Mac OS. Bazaar gives you fast, distributed revision control that "Just Works", supporting renames of files and directories smoothly. Bazaar is designed to maximise the level of community participation in your project.

Bazaar branches can be hosted on any web server, and uploaded over sftp, ftp, or rsync. If you want the fastest possible network performance, [ there is a smart server]. Bazaar supports flexible work models: centralized like cvs or svn, commit offline, enforced code review when desired, and automatic regression testing. Decentralized revision control systems give people the ability to collaborate more efficiently over the internet using the [ bazaar development model]. When you use Bazaar, you can commit to your own local branches of your favorite free software projects without needing special permission. For more information, see:

  • [:Bzr:What Is Bazaar?]

  • [:WhoUsesBzr:Who Uses Bazaar?]

  • [:BzrFeatures:Bazaar Features]

  • ["FAQ"] (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • [:BzrGlossary:Glossary of Terms in Bazaar and Version Control]

  • [:ReleaseRoadmap:Development Roadmap]

Push to 1.0: Performance and Documentation

Major 1.0 feature goals are in place. The focus from here to 1.0 is performance and documentation. There has been impressive progress on performance since bzr 0.8. See the performance results for [:Performance/0.9:0.9], [:Performance/0.10:0.10] [:Performance/0.11:0.11], and [:Performance/0.12:0.12]. We expect 1.0 to release by March 2007 with performance equivalent to the best in the field.

  • extend the SmartServer (bzr as a daemon, effectively) for high speed network operations (first landed in 0.11).

  • optimise file system access (tune our code and data structures to minimise probable disk I/O and disk seeking)
  • optimise file formats for performance without sacrificing proven correctness and completeness
  • see [ 0.14 milestone goals and progress]

Download and install

If you can run Python 2.4, then you can run Bazaar.

[:Download:Installation instructions for Windows, GNU/Linux, UNIX and Mac OS] or just [ get the source: bzr-0.14.tar.gz]

How do I use it?

  • [:QuickHackingWithBzr:Mini Tutorial] - The five minute Bazaar Tutorial.

  • [ Introduction] - Introduction to Bazaar gives a walkthough of the simpler commands.

  • [:Documentation:Bazaar Documentation] - An overview of the official documentation for Bazaar.

  • [:BzrRevisionSpec:Revision Identifiers] - Arguments for -r that can be given with "bzr log", "bzr merge" and such.

  • [ Setting up a Smart Server]

How does it compare?

If you're familiar with other version control systems, you might like to see a quick comparison to them, or read guidelines to help you understand how to use bzr most effectively given your current experience.

  • ["BzrForCVSUsers"] - Learning Bazaar for CVS users
  • ["BzrForGITUsers"] - Learning Bazaar for GIT users (In progress)
  • RcsComparisons - Comparison table of functionality and performance with Bazaar, GIT, Mercurial, SVN and other version control systems

How can I get Help?

Our primary page for getting help is the BzrSupport page.

How can I contribute?

Our primary development doc page is BzrDevelopment. If you want to get involved, consider [:WritingPlugins:writing a plugin] or [ reporting a bug].

You are also welcome to improve this wiki site. To edit pages, please [:UserPreferences:register]. Anonymous editing is disabled to prevent spammer attacks.