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Bazaar publishes a new stable release every six months; we publish bug-fix updates for previous series from time to time. The bug fix updates can be published into Ubuntu Stable Release Updates (eg maverick-updates); this process tracks their progress.

We have a Micro Release Exception allowing us to upload point releases rather than applying particular patches to Ubuntu's version. So a release that ships with bzr x.y.0 should track through all later x.y.z releases.

If you want a newer Bazaar series than originally shipped in a particular Ubuntu release, use the ppa:bzr/ppa ppa. If you need an update for a different operating system, see the Download page.

To check the current versions, run rmadison bzr on an Ubuntu machine.

bzr 2.5 series, will go into Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin

2.5.0 (2012-02-??)

not released yet

bzr 2.4 series, in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

2.4.2 (2011-11-01)

waiting for review

2.4.1 (2011-09-09)

in Oneiric

2.4.0 (2011-08-11)

in Oneiric

bzr 2.3 series, in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal (eol October 2012)

2.3.5 (2011-??)


2.3.4 (2011-07-15)

SRU into natty complete.

2.3.3 (2011-05-13)

SRU failed due to bug 786980

2.3.1 (2011-03-10)


bzr 2.2 series in Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat (eol April 2012) lp:~bzr/ubuntu/maverick/bzr/sru-2.2.4

2.2.5 (2011-09-02)

waiting for review

2.2.4 (2011-02-04)

SRU complete; bug 707075

2.2.1 (2010-09-17)

previously SRUed

2.2.0 (2010-08-06)


bzr 2.1 series, in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx LTS (server eol April 2015)lp:~bzr/ubuntu/lucid/bzr/sru

2.1.4 (2011-05-16)

SRU complete; bug 494221

2.1.1 (2010-03-24)


Colour Key:

SRU needed

SRU underway

SRU completed

Potential work, not urgent

Process tips

Beyond the general SRU MRE process:

Testing proposed packages

After a package goes into -proposed, it is allowed to age and be tested for some time before being promoted into -updates. For Bazaar SRUs, it is not necessary to manually test that every bug has been fixed.

However, what we should do is:

1. The person pushing the SRU should run bzr selftest from the installed package and report if it works.

2. We should get some friendly users to install from -proposed and use that bzr for day-to-day work to check for unexpected regressions.

And if that's all ok:

1. Flip the figurehead bug to verification-done; the other bugs can be left as-is.

Automated testing

There are Babune jobs that will automatically install from -proposed and run the tests:


  • I was going to test the exact package within a PPA prior to uploading. However, due to bug 151528, PPAs will not build into the maverick-updates pocket, only into eg maverick itself. So therefore it's probably easiest to just upload to maverick-proposed.