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Tutorials / Howtos / FAQs

  • Basic Tutorial - This tutorial covers the general concepts of bzr.

  • Bazaar in five minutes - Very brief 5 minutes tutorial, covering only what a first time user need to contribute to a project using Bazaar

  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions

  • SharedRepositoryTutorial - This tutorial introduces the concept of shared repositories

  • TheIndependent- With this tutorial you'll learn how to import a fresh bzr branch, how to branch in bzr and how to perform simple merging.

  • TrackingUpstream - Often upstream uses something other than bzr (e.g. CVS) for version control. Unfortunately, this makes it hard for users without commit access to track their changes when hacking their working copy. This describes how to use bzr to track local changes.

  • CentralizedWorkflow describes how to use bzr in a centralized workflow like SVN or CVS. Only you still get proper support for merging and renames. And when necessary you can commit offline or create local-only branches.

Detailed documentation

Developer Documentation


  • The Bazaar mailing list is a great respository of information. If you find yourself falling behind and need a hand catching up, then try BzrTraffic.