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TortoiseBZR Screen Shots

These screen-shots may be out-of-date, but should give you a general idea

Tortoise adds a number of Bazaar related items to the Windows Explorer Context Menu. It uses a single process to interact with bazaar - a taskbar icon is created when this process is running:

  • ss-tbzr-menu.png ss-tbzr-taskbar.png

Tortoise Bazaar leans on the QBzr plugin for most of its dialogs; shown below are the dialogs for creating a new working tree and updating it.

  • ss-qbzr-getnew.png ss-qbzr-getupdates.png

We have popup help for various topics - here is the 'qinit' command after clicking the repository formats link.

  • ss-qbzr-init.png

Tortoise has a few custom dialogs though - below are the 'Settings' and 'About' dialogs.

  • ss-tbzr-settings.png ss-tbzr-about.png