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Three wishes

Everyone is welcome to add here the three high-level topics you'd most like the Bazaar team to work on.


  • history horizons or shallow checkouts for faster checkouts
  • more network performance
  • cleanup user model


  • Brisbane core finished
  • Fast networking
  • Progress and UI nits cleaned up


  • Some sort of versioned properties or rules propagated along the branch
  • ACL for smart server
  • Great support for bzr on Windows:
    • Fix OS locks problem on win32
    • Line-endings
    • Proper support for case-preserving but insensitive filesystem (FAT32, NTFS, vfat etc.)


  • user experience improved - streamlined for new users, more comprehensive doc, more plugins bundled, better GUI tools and IDE integration, multi-branch operations
  • eol/keywords settings per branch (not just global)
  • nested trees


  • close all open bugs
  • availability: packages for all platforms and cross-platform buildbot
  • better GUIs

Russel Winder:

  • Add per file locking in some form or other so that when using Bazaar as a drop-in replacement for Subversion as a centralized versioned filestore, it is possible to enforce serialization of write access to a file. This is needed for dealing with multi-author working with binary encoded files such as word processor or DTP files (, FrameMaker, etc.), which cannot be merged. cf.

  • Make bzr-svn even faster than it is accessing Subversion repositories. Allowing a Subversion repository to be a peer in a Bazaar branch network is the single biggest plus for Bazaar in the transition from CVCS (Subversion) to DVCS (Bazaar, Mercurial, Git). Storing a Bazaar branch in a Subversion repository is a great alternative to changing from Subversion to one of Bazaar, Mercurial or Git, but only if access speed is faster than now.
  • Improve the integrating GUI components:
    1. Improve Olive-GTK.
    2. Create an integrating GUI for the Qt GUI.
    3. Get integration with Nautilus working usably.
    4. Create a Mac OS X GUI.
    5. Get TortoiseBzr in a good and publishable state.

Mark Shuttleworth:


  • parallel imports
  • bzr-gtk awesomeness
  • copy tracking
  • inter-format stacking

Naoki INADA:

  • copy tracking (very FAQ)
  • nested tree
  • fast clone (copy repository without repacking and checking)
  • versioned properties (bzr.mime_type, bzr.text_encoding should be used by viewers)
  • co-located branches (standalone branch should be replaced by co-located branche)
  • history horizon

Martin H├Ącker:

  • Add other repositories as sub-repositories, so projects can be composed of several independant repositories. This is most usefull to track dependencies or subprojects which are also usefull on their own or plugins etc..
  • Allow subprojects to have different repository formats (git, hg, svn..)
  • Thats all I want. bzr is pretty much perfect already.

Gary van der Merwe:

  • "land" command - i.e. merge, but the other branches tip becomes the left hand parent.
  • GUI tool for resolving merge conflicts, integrated with annotate.

Marius Kruger

  • nested trees

  • apt-get install bzr-explorer
  • co-located branches by default


  • Nested trees
  • Copy tracking

John Szakmeister

  • Nested trees
  • Colocated branches
  • More svn integration
    1. Better support for browsing remote repositories
    2. Recording the subversion revno for pushed revisions so that users can see it
    3. Out-of-the-box support for svn:eol-style and svn:externals

Tommaso Donnarumma

  • Nested trees
  • Copy tracking
  • Packaged BzrExplorer

  • Colocated branches

Maarten Bosmans

  • Selective commit of specific chunks of a file, mainly in gui tools
  • Faster loading of branches, repos, etc. in BzrExplorer

  • Tracking of code when you split a file with two functions in two separate files

Ali Sabil

  • Nested trees
  • Colocated branches
  • Copy tracking

Neil Martinsen-Burrell

  • Nested trees
  • Colocated branches and checkout UI clarification
  • Copy tracking

Benoit Pierre

  • Nested trees
  • Selective commit of specific chunks of a file / changes (like shelve)
  • History horizon and/or shallow checkouts


  • TortoiseBZR
  • Copy tracking
  • (including ..) Track (blame) a function (a piece of file) even if it is moved between files, file splitter, files merged (like GIT) ?
  • Implement symlinks via NTFS symbolic links on Windows Vista & Win7 ?

Adrian Wilkins

  • Nested Trees
  • Parallel Pipelines (aka Mercurial pbranches)

David Strauss

  • Nested trees
  • Ability to merge two branches with no common ancestry based on file paths (ideally having each file keep both file IDs as aliases so all other ancestry is maintained)
  • Colocated branches

Dmitrijs Ledkovs

  • Server-side integration
  • 1 email per commit, git/hg format-patch compatible with bzr send
  • Bzr mascot

Jeff Parsons:

  • History Horizon
  • Nested Trees

Jean Jordaan

  • Selectively commit chunks