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John Whitley has provided a branch with a TextMate Bundle (a plugin for TextMate, not to be confused with Bazaar's bundles). Bazaar.tmbundle provides limited integration with Bazaar at this time, and can be improved on many fronts.

Current work is on the trunk branch, here:

Jeremy Wilkins is extending this and has added Commit and Branching, Log and Annotate support. The current version can be downloaded from

With ongoing development happening in a Bazaar branch at

Branching support required writing a simple CocoaDialog based UI, to allow for progress bars entering passwords. This also allowed push/pull support to happen and will soon provide better feed back during commit.

Beyond that hopefully we can add 'nice HTML' views of the logs, linking to diffs from each commit, much like the existing subversion integration. Merge support also needs to be added further down the line.

What we have so far -:

  • Adding and Removing Files
  • Renaming files (not sure if this works for dirs yet)
  • Branching
  • Committing
  • Pushing and Pulling Branches
  • Getting the Log for a File/Dir
  • Annotating Files


  • Wrap existing code in exception handlers
  • Use CocoaUI Dialog throughout
  • Handle Conflicts (possibly using file merge)
  • Add the status of files to the commit window
  • Tidy up the CSS in Annotate
  • Make log able to show the files in a commit, and the diffs associated with them
  • Add 'quick-annotate' to pop up the commit that generated the line of a file
  • Add View Revision of File
  • Add Diff with working copy type functionality
  • Add Export option
  • Add generate bundle (bzr bundle not textmate bundle)
  • Add apply bundle (again, bzr bundle)
  • Add some kind of Merge command
  • Add uncommit support
  • Add Switch support

The hope is to get this into some kind of shape for the 1.1 release and maybe get it included with the Mac installer package if one is created. Hopefully I'll get this in the TextMate svn repo soon as well.