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A Bazaar sprint. Maybe doing some pair-programming, working out specs, etc. /Goals is an area to discuss each of the sprint goals, and to allow everyone to start planning what they will be working on.

In the launchpad meeting tracker:

A list of /Brainstorms is available.


Please add your name if you intend to come. Some assistance with travel costs is available; contact Martin.


Canonical's office in Millbank, London

27th Floor
Millbank Tower
21-24 Millbank

Main phone: +44 207 630 2400

Millbank Tower in Wikipedia

Google map


Monday, 3rd of March through to Friday, 7th of March, 2008.

The actual sprinting is occurring from Monday 9am until Friday at 5pm. As most people will arrive a bit early and stay a bit late, we should arrange ways that people can get together.


JelmerVernooij is interested in discussing: PathTokens, HistoryHorizon, RevisionIdAliases, bzr-git, git-like branches

VincentLadeuil is interested in discussing and hacking on: hash-trees, smart server, test framework enhancements

MartinAlbisetti is interested in discussing: AutomaticPluginSuggestion, XMLOutput, NestedTreeSupport

AaronBentley is interested in discussing: merge algorithms, reducing the requirements for repository implementations, smart server ACLs, repository stacking.

MartinPool: batteries included, web viewers,

SzilveszterFarkas: bzr-gtk and other GUI stuff, better out of the box experience on Mac OS X, but I'm also interested in discussions about any other topic.

IanClatworthy is interested in discussing: barriers to adoption (e.g. packaging, doc, importing); integration (hooks & XMLOutput); git-like branches/workflows, GUI interfaces.

GuillermoGonzalez is interested in discussing and hacking on: XMLOutput, integration with non-python apps, BzrEclipse & NetBeans, better out of the box experience on Mac OS X.

MatthewRevell is interested in ensuring future features are well documented, discussing a community Bazaar doc team, documentation priorities, Loom documentation. Also here for Launchpad meetings.


When you have a settled flight plan, include it here so that we can be aware of when people are showing up.

  • JohnMeinel

    • Arrival: Mon, March 3, 5:55am (UA 958)
      Depart: Sat, March 8, 10:25am (UA 1317)
  • Martin Pool
    • Arrival:
  • AaronBentley

    • Arrival: 02 March 2008, 08:25 (AC  848)
      Departure: 08 March 2008, 15:35 (AC 849)
  • IanClatworthy

    • Arrival: 03 March 2008, 05:25 (SQ 322)
      Departure: 08 March 2008, 10:05 (UA 955)
  • AndrewBennetts

    • Arrival:
  • JelmerVernooij

    • Arrival: 2nd march, 12:10
      Departure: 6nd march, 06:25
  • SzilveszterFarkas

    • Arrival: 2nd March (afternoon)
      Departure: 8th March (around noon)
  • MartinAlbisetti

    • Arrival: Sun 2 March 13:40 (BA 2465)
      Departure: Sat 8 March
  • GuillermoGonzalez

    • Arrival: Sun 2 March 13:40 (BA 2465)
      Departure: Sat 8 March
  • VincentLadeuil

    • Arrival: late monday morning
      Departure: next monday (but hotel room booked for the week-end following the sprint)
  • MatthewRevell

    • Arrival: Monday morning
      Departure: Late Wednesday afternoon