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Hastily scribbled notes from an IRC/email session:

plato: socrates: another story to think about: What to do if you want to expose a repository to a team (not using lp, as that's quite obvious)

socrates: plato: for read/write access or just read?

plato: I'd suppose read only would be trivial (just offer http to it), so the read/write (or contributer type access) would be quite interesting

plato: I'd guess this SmartServer does something like that. But I don't really know

socrates: local users or remote too?

socrates: by local

plato: both. For local users the issue is less harsh as one might use a shared file system (NFS, SMB, ...)

socrates: I mean those that would have filesystem access somehow

plato: but having a remote access solution in place should also tackle local access

socrates nods

socrates: do you want to know, or do you just want docs some time?

plato: basically what lp does in terms of bzr serving to the community, but also applicable in non lp hosted projects (e. g. commercial ones)

plato: not every team does open source only, or doesn't want to give the hosting out of their hands

plato used to work in an environment like that

socrates: so...

socrates: do you want to know, or do you just want docs some time?

plato: docs some time

plato: as an idea for the doc project

Then aristotle chimes in:

...reading it again, I think he's using the word 'local' to what we do, to mean users on the same LAN. So basically the answer is to set up an ssh server.