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Convert from Subversion Scenario

[DRAFT: this page is still being reviewed by bzr experts for correctness.]

Suppose you want to convert a repository maintained in Subversion to bzr. Here's an overview of how you'd do it:

  1. Install the bzr-svn plugin.
  2. Assuming that the root of your Subversion repository is at svn://, run:
$ bzr svn-import svn:// project.bzr

This will create a local Bazaar repository named project.bzr which contains a Bazaar branch for each of the branches that exists in the remote Subversion repository.

See "bzr help svn-import" for command-line options to

Additional Notes

Individual branches

For individual branches, you can just use "bzr branch" like you would use on a bzr branch:

$ bzr branch svn:// project-trunk

Working trees

By default svn-import will not create a working tree for each branch it imports (to save disk space). To create a working tree for a branch, run "bzr co" inside of the branch or use the --trees option to "bzr svn-import".