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QBzr-Eclipse is a plug-in for Eclipse that provides integration with Bazaar by making use of Bazaar's QBzr plug-in. Please see the launchpad page for more information.


  • No need to tell the plugin about your branches - they are automatically detected.
  • Supports the following commands:
    • update
    • qadd
    • qannotate
    • qbranch
    • qbrowse
    • qcommit
    • qconfig
    • qdiff
    • qinfo
    • qinit
    • qlog
    • qmerge
    • qpull
    • qpush
    • qrevert
    • qtag
  • Moves files when refactoring with Eclipse.
  • User can specify patterns for files that should be automatically added to Bazaar when files are created in Eclipse (e.g. ".*\.java")


To get the latest version, set up an update site in Eclipse with the following location:


In order to make use of this plugin Bazaar has to be installed as well as the QBzr plug-in. The QBzr plugin makes use of the Qt GUI library so this will also need to be installed. The plugin has been tested with Eclipse 3.3 and 3.4.


How is this different from the bzr-eclipse plugin?

The bzr-eclipse plugin uses SWT for its interface whereas this plugin uses the QBzr plug-in. This does mean that the interface may not have the same look and feel as Eclipse does. The advantage of this approach though is that you get a consistent graphical user interface to Bazaar whether you are using the command line, TortoiseBzr or Eclipse. The QBzr plugin also provides a very nice interface for Bazaar.

Can I install this plugin as well as the bzr-eclipse plugin?

This is possible but not advised because both plugins will try to automatically rename files in Bazaar when moving files in Eclipse (e.g. by changing a class name). This may cause some strange behavior or errors.


  • Commit All
  • Better preferences page layout.
  • Icon decorations.