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QBzr is a cross-platform GUI front end for Bazaar, based on Qt toolkit.


QBzr provided GUI frontend for many core bzr commands and several universal dialogs and helper commands. Equivalents for core bzr commands has the same names as CLI commands but with prefix "q".

Basic q-commands:

  • qadd - GUI for adding files or directories.
  • qannotate - Show the origin of each line in a file.
  • qbind - Convert the current branch into a checkout of the supplied branch.
  • qbranch - Create a new copy of a branch.
  • qcat - View the contents of a file as of a given revision.
  • qcommit - GUI for committing revisions.
  • qconflicts - Show conflicts.
  • qdiff - Show differences in working tree in a GUI window.
  • qexport - Export current or past revision to a destination directory or archive.
  • qignore - Ignore files or patterns.
  • qinfo - Shows information about the current location.
  • qinit - Initializes a new branch or shared repository.
  • qlog - Show log of a repository, branch, file, or directory in a Qt window.
  • qmerge - Perform a three-way merge.
  • qplugins - Display information about installed plugins.
  • qpull - Turn this branch into a mirror of another branch.
  • qpush - Update a mirror of this branch.
  • qrevert - Revert changes files.
  • qsend - Mail or create a merge-directive for submitting changes.
  • qswitch - Set the branch of a checkout and update.
  • qtag - Edit tags.
  • qunbind - Convert the current checkout into a regular branch.
  • quncommit - Move the tip of a branch to an earlier revision.
  • qupdate - Update working tree with latest changes in the branch.
  • qverify-signatures - Show digital signatures information.
  • qversion - Show version/system information.

Hybrid dialogs:

  • qgetnew - Creates a new working tree (either a checkout or full branch).
  • qgetupdates - Fetches external changes into the working tree.

Additional commands:

  • qbrowse - Show inventory or working tree.
  • qconfig - Configure Bazaar and QBzr.
  • qrun - Run arbitrary bzr command.
  • qviewer - Simple file viewer.


  • bug-url - print full URL to a specific bug, or open it in your browser.


The page contains tarballs and windows installers for all stable and development releases.

NOTE: Windows Installers are suitable for both Standalone and Python-based Bazaar packages from WindowsDownloads.

There is also Ubuntu PPA and Ubuntu beta PPA; and also FreeBSD port.

NOTE: OSX users will also need to install PyQt. Instructions are available from Installation of PyQt on Mac OS X.

Development source code:

bzr branch lp:qbzr


Look at visual tour of Bazaar Explorer, some dialogs there are actually QBzr dialogs.


Please use Launchpad translations service: