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Clear message

PatchPilot is the Bazaar community scheme to ensure that patches from non-committers are not ignored or lost in traffic.

We have a volunteer roster of committers willing to mentor and assist patches to be accepted into bzr.

Our contribution guidelines can be daunting, and patch pilots help people navigate them.

The current pilot is listed in the IRC channel topic of #bzr on irc.freenode.or for easy reference. It is up to each pilot to put their name on at the start of their week, and the next pilot will replace it at the beginning of their week.

Roster - just put your name in here to select a week. Remember that this is a volunteer program, so its success depends on your contributions. We anticipate that Patch Piloting will be a few hours, perhaps a 1/2 day, a week.



16 Nov

Andrew Bennetts

23 Nov

Robert Collins

30 Nov


7 Dec


14 Dec