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= Olive =


About the project

Olive aims to be a full-featured graphical frontend for Bazaar. That means all core functionality of Bazaar should be available in a user-friendly GUI. This goal is more or less accomplished in the development branch (read on for features). The current frontend uses [ GTK] and it's written in [ Python]. Olive is originally developed by SzilveszterFarkas (started during Google Summer of Code 2006). The code consists of two main parts: a backend and a frontend. The backend code wraps up bzrlib in a well-documented, easy-to-use way. The frontend mainly depends on this codebase.


Main window

The main window is split up into two panels: the left one is for storing Bookmarks, while you can browse your files on the right.


After Google SoC 2006 finishes (August 21, 2006), bigger patches are officially allowed to get in. Don't hesitate!


There were no releases yet, but you can always get the latest code from Launchpad: [ Main development branch].

$ bzr branch olive-main


The code haven't been tested on Windows platforms yet. If you have any difficulties, please contact me.


  • Python 2.4
  • PyGTK 2.6 (with Glade support)
  • bzr 0.8.2 or above

There is a basic script included in the source, you can easily install Olive with that:

$ ./ build
$ sudo ./ install

You can run Olive with the following command:

$ olive-gtk