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There are already some wishlist bugs reported against the Diff dialog and some other ideas are listed in the TODO file.


There were many ideas and wishes about improving the Diff dialog.

  • graphical display of differences between branches (#69803)

  • allow specifying two revisions in the diff window rather then always diffing between base and working tree
  • allow specifying another branch - 'bzr diff A B' behaviour (#66699)

  • diff window should show side by side diff - this involves integrating meld (#70477) - ConflictHandling needs meld as well

Use Cases

  • Fred wants to have a diff between two specified revisions.
  • Martin would like to see a diff between two branches.


UI Changes

My suggestion is that the current behaviour should be the default, and the user could chose whether he wants to diff between different revisions or branches.

Code Changes


Unresolved Issues

Questions and Answers