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We need to extend bzr-gtk's and Olive's capabilities to support bundles. This specification should cover both applying and creating a bundle.


Bundles are now the preferred format to provide patches for reviewing purposes (see PQM and Bundle-Buggy for more details on this). bzr-gtk/Olive doesn't have support for bundles as of now.

Use Cases

  • Thomas finds a bug in Olive while he is using it. He has the time to correct that issue, and wants to send his modifications back to the maintainers, but currently there is no such feature in Olive, so he has to do it in a Terminal.
  • Carol receives a bundle via email. She clicks on the attachment in evolution and selects the branch to apply it to.


UI Changes

We need at least two new dialogs. One for creating and one for applying a bundle.

Dialog: Create bundle

This window would present the user the bundle itself (output of 'bzr bundle') in a textview. It should have two buttons: "Save to File" and "Copy to Clipboard". We could also add an option to generate a bundle for any chosen revisions.

Dialog: Apply bundle

This dialog would have the same textview, but blank as default. The two buttons here: "Open File" and "Paste from Clipoard".

Code Changes

This feature would not affect the current codebase except from connecting the appropriate signals and inserting the various menu entries into the glade file.


Unresolved Issues

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