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April 15 2009: AaronBentley has finished NestedTreesDesign and submitted tree-reference-locations

April 7 2009: AaronBentley has submitted everything for review, started work on NestedTreesDesign.

April 2, 2009: AaronBentley has gotten the tests passing, and is now working on submitting current work into

March 11, 2009: AaronBentley has submitted a patch to disable autodetection of nested trees, so that our next format can support tree-references.

  • Nested tree support is in Bazaar 0.15rc1
  • devel branch:
  • hide "split/join".
  • Command support:


  • Command support:
  • merge
  • while moving roots
  • from by-value nested trees into by-value nested trees with same boundaries
  • revert
  • while moving roots
  • commit
  • checkout
  • split
  • join
  • export
  • status
  • revert
  • diff
  • Update working trees to not automatically detect nested trees

In Progress

  • Support storing source locations in the branch


  • efficient Tree.iter_references()
  • Should branch (and split?) create a shared repo for the top-level branch?
  • Command support:
  • pull
  • push


  • Implement apply_inventory_delta on CompositeTree
  • merge
  • from by-reference tree into a non-nested tree
  • from by-reference tree into a tree with different nesting boundaries
  • from non-nested tree into by-reference tree, without spurious conflicts
  • --uncommitted from dirstate-with-subtree to dirstate
  • Create CompositeTreeTransform
  • Fetch should fetch all revisions for subtrees that are referenced in containing trees
  • Implement iter_changes efficiently