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Manager of Bazaar at Canonical

Things to do

  • 0.9 release
  • plan for 0.10 work
  • Upload old and current docs to
    • Blocked waiting on sysadmins to fix permissions
  • Get the smart server passing all implementation tests
    • Currently blocked on get_transport changes
  • Check out bzr-gtk, start using it
  • Review and clean out existing specs

Organizing people

  • Check how SummerOfCode2006 people are getting on

Specs to write

  • Tags 0.10
  • Display of historical benchmark data along with the changes that caused it: - diff, date, person, overall performance, change on particular benchmarks
  • Run shell-like doctests from the manual
  • Run tests in isolated directory before commit
  • Selective commit of hunks (very low priority)
  • Better UI for repositories: way to mirror a whole repository and to list what branches are present within it (low priority)

Major features

Ask for additions to this list

  • General performance work -- john
  • HighPerformanceSmartServer -- andrew, mbp
  • Non-XML working tree dirstate -- robertc
  • Improved documentation
  • Tagging


  • get_transport() separation of concerns about urls vs files
  • should walk directory to find files to install
  • deprecate Transport.lock_read, etc?
  • common_ancestor should not require pulling everything into a single repository
  • Remove LocalAbspathServer, LocalRelpathServer, in favour of just making get_transport() interpret these things

UI improvements

Many of these will need bugs filed (if one does not already exist); some may require list discussion

  • Revert of newly-added files/directories should just unversion them, unless given --delete
  • Missing files should not be implicitly treated as deleted, though there should be a 'bzr rm --missing' and 'bzr commit --auto-add-delete'
  • Cannot diff between two remote revisions (
  • Repositories should probably have working trees by default, to be more consistent with how standalone branches work.
  • Need a command to get all filenames with conflicted texts, for feeding to an editor. (What used to be possible with vim $(bzr conflicts).
  • Improved bzr log FILE
  • push, pull, merge, update -l to list revisions and -v to list files
  • bzr interrupted should show where it was interrupted

Project organization

  • Split/rename mailing lists
  • Someone to work more on documentation?
  • Poll distro team and launchpad team for Bazaar experiences