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This page describe how to install Bazaar on your computer, using Mac OS and MacPorts

If you don't have MacPorts and ADC membership, and have a recent Python installed, you may leave this page now, and install from the tarball. However, if you invest the time to install MacPorts, you will save a lot of time later when installing, upgrading or removing software.

Download Xcode Tools

Download the latest Xcode from the download page in Apple website, a valid ADC Online membership is required (no cost).

Install Xcode

  1. Double click on the Xcode.dmg file to mount the Xcode Tools disk image
  2. Open the XcodeTools.mpkg file and follow the instructions

  3. Eject the Xcode Tools disk image

Download MacPorts

Go to Macports website and download the appropriate installer disk image.

Install MacPorts

  1. Double click on the MacPorts.dmg file to mount the MacPorts disk image

  2. Double click on the pkg file and follow the install instructions
  3. Eject the MacPorts disk image

  4. Help is available on the Macports wiki.

Update the ports database

Open a terminal and type:

$ sudo port selfupdate 

to update the repository database by downloading it from the Internet.

Install bazaar

Open a terminal and type:

$ sudo port install bzr

The Mac will now start downloading and compiling bazaar (and all the dependencies), this may take some time...


In the terminal type:

$ bzr

to check if Bazaar is installed.


If you encounter any problems please file a ticket at, before contacting the upstream developers.