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Bazaar now has an official logo:

Downloadble vector logo with text (for editing) and large printable version
Bazaar Logo 2006-07-27.png web-sized logo without background gradient
Icon sized versions: bzr icon 14.png bzr icon 16.png bzr icon 24.png bzr icon 32.png bzr icon 48.png bzr icon 64.png

Or as a complete bazaar.ico file

(See attachments to this page for more and some history. Also view this thread)

Alternative logos

These logos were designed in the Tango theme by Jakub Szypulka. Also available are the .svg formats.

bazaar16.png bazaar22.png bazaar32.png bazaar48.png bazaar144x149.png bazaar192.png

bazaar16.svg bazaar22.svg bazaar32.svg bazaar48.svg bazaar144x149.svg bazaar192.svg