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A location is a URL that points to a particular branch. Bazaar knows many different kinds of locations; each location is used for a specific purpose, often related to a single command.

As locations point to branches, the terms branch and location are often used interchangeably: public location and public branch usually refer to the same thing, even though the former is just a URL that points to a branch while the latter is a real branch.

Information about how to set these location are available with the command bzr help configuration.

Defined kinds of locations

Every branch has a number of locations associated with it. The following descriptions use the term current branch to distinguish the pointing branch from the pointed branches.

parent location
the location of the branch that has been used as a base to create the current branch.
submit location
public location

where the current branch is published. The public location location is used by the current branch to tell to the public where it lives. The public location is used, for example, to send bundles and to generate email notifications; bzr lp-open uses the public location to redirect the browser to the Launchpad web page of the current branch.

push location

where the current branch will be mirrored. bzr push uses the push location to find and update a mirror branch of the current branch.

bound location

the location of the branch that commits goes to when changes are commited to the current checkout. Used in checkouts or branches that have been bound with bzr bind.