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Line 208: Line 208:
  # Setup your profile to recognize subversion 1.5
  echo >> ~/.profile << \EOF
  alias b='DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=$HOME/.bazaar/svn/lib PYTHONPATH=$HOME/.bazaar/svn/lib/svn-python PATH=$HOME/.bazaar/svn/bin:$PATH bzr'
  . ~/.profile
Line 218: Line 212:
  b checkout --lightweight \   bzr checkout --lightweight \
Line 220: Line 214:
  # The following is a temporary patch until SVN 1.5 trunk is bug-fixed
  perl -p -i -e \
    's/providers \+\= auth\.SubversionAuthenticationConfig\(\)\.get_svn_auth_providers\(\)//g' \
  perl -p -i -e \
    's/providers \+\= \[auth\.get\_ssl\_client\_cert\_pw\_provider\(1\)\]//g' \
  # The following is a temporary patch - it will core-dump without it
  perl -p -i -e 's/(providers \+\= auth\.Subversion)/\#$1/g' svn/
  perl -p -i -e 's/(providers \+\= \[auth\.get)/\#$1/g' svn/

  # Setup your profile to recognize subversion 1.5
  echo >> ~/.profile << \EOF
  alias bzr="DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=$HOME/.bazaar/svn/lib \
  PYTHONPATH=$HOME/.bazaar/svn/lib/svn-python \
  . ~/.profile
Line 231: Line 229:
  b branch test   bzr branch test


This plugin allows bzr direct access to Subversion repositories. This allows bzr branch, bzr push, bzr pull, and bzr co to work directly against Subversion repositories.

The plugin can at the moment be used to commit to, pull from, merge from, push to and view logs of Subversion branches from Bazaar.


The following features are currently present:

  • Connecting to remote Subversion repositories over all protocols supported by Subversion itself (at present: svn://, svn+ssh://, http:// (webdav), file://) as well as dump files. Checkouts, lightweight checkouts and branching works.
  • Integrates well with Bazaar.
  • Track Bazaar merges in Subversion. Merged revisions show up as ghosts.
  • Subversion working copies. Can be modified, queried (bzr status on a svn- native working copy created with svn co works) and committed from.
  • Committing to Subversion from Bazaar.
  • Push Bazaar revisions to Subversion.
  • Follow branch copies. Revision history is not truncated when a branch was copied in Subversion.
  • Efficiently uses network bandwidth.
  • Recognizes file metadata (executable bits, symbolic links).
  • 'svn-import' command with functionality similar to svn2bzr.
  • Ability to track merges done with SVK ( or and write merges from SVK/Subversion branches in a format understandable by SVK.
  • Generates consistent file ids and revision ids. Two branches made using this plugin of the same Subversion branch will result in exactly the same Bazaar branch.
  • Handles complex operations in Subversion: committing to two branches at once, upgrading directories to branches, copies from early revisions, ...
  • Tested on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.


bzr-svn can be used through the regular Bazaar user interface, see the Bazaar Documentation Overview for documentation on that.

Some bzr-svn specific issues are answered by the FAQ.

The way Bazaar metadata is stored in Subversion and the other way around is specified in the mapping specification.


Ask bzr-svn related questions on the Bazaar mailing list or in the #bzr IRC channel on Freenode.

Subversion File Properties

Some Subversion properties can currently not be represented in Bazaar and are therefore ignored for the time being:

  • 'svn:ignore' is not imported. There should be a Repository.get_ignores(revid) call in Bazaar rather than a magic '.bzrignore' file. Spec at
  • 'svn:mime-type'
  • 'svn:eol-style'. Requires eol support in Bazaar.
  • 'svn:keywords'. Requires keywords support in Bazaar. Spec at #81463

Other features currently held back by Bazaars feature set:


  • 0.4.7 (works with Bazaar 1.0 and 1.1)
  • 0.4.6 (works with Bazaar 1.0 and 1.1)
  • 0.4.5 (works with Bazaar 1.0 and higher)
  • 0.4.4 (works with Bazaar 0.92 and higher)
  • 0.4.3 (works with Bazaar 0.90 and higher)
  • 0.4.2 (works with Bazaar 0.90 and higher)
  • 0.4.1 (works with Bazaar 0.90 and higher)
  • 0.4.0 (works with Bazaar 0.19 and higher)
  • 0.3.5 (works with Bazaar 0.18 and higher)
  • 0.3.4 (works with Bazaar 0.17 and higher)
  • 0.3.3 (works with Bazaar 0.16 and higher)
  • 0.3.2 (works with Bazaar 0.15 and higher)
  • 0.3.1 (works with Bazaar 0.14 and higher)
  • 0.3 (works with Bazaar 0.14 and higher)
  • 0.2 (works with Bazaar 0.13 and higher)
  • 0.1 (works with Bazaar 0.8 and higher)



If you are using Python 2.4, you will need to have the pysqlite module installed. Python 2.5 and higher have sqlite support built in.

Python-Subversion >= 1.5

The plugin requires a couple of fixes to the Python bindings for Subversion that are only available in Subversion 1.5 (trunk). Subversion 1.5 has not been released yet, but packages with the appropriate patches applied to older versions are available for some platforms.

Building from source

Subversion 1.5 (trunk) contains the required fixes. To compile Subversion trunk, run:

$ svn export svn
$ ./ --release
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make check-swig-py
$ sudo make install install-swig-py

Patches for Subversion 1.3.x and 1.4.x are also available:

To build a fixed version of Subversion's Python bindings using one of these patches, run:

$ wget
$ tar xvfj subversion-1.4.3.tar.bz2
$ cd subversion-1.4.3
$ patch -p1 < subversion-1.4.0-metze-python-bindings.patch
$ ./ --release
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make check-swig-py
$ sudo make install install-swig-py

Please note that the patches against Subversion 1.3.2 and 1.4.0 don't include the fix for a major memory leak in python-subversion.

Windows Setup

A bzr-svn installer for Win32 as well as a build of Python-Subversion for Windows can be found at You will need to use the Python-based installer of Bazaar rather than the standalone one.


Debian/Ubuntu packages with the required fixes backported are available in Ubuntu since Edgy and Debian since Etch. You need the python-subversion and libsvn0 packages.

Mac OS X

To install on OS X Leopard do something like the following:

# Install the latest stable Bazaar (if you didn't already)
sudo easy_install -U paramiko pycrypto bzr

# Compile Subversion 1.5 (for better python support)
cd /tmp
rm -rf svn
svn export svn
cd svn
curl | tar xz
ln -sf neon-0.27.2 neon
./configure --without-apxs --with-ssl --prefix=$HOME/.bazaar/svn
make install install-swig-py
cd ..

# Install the bzr_svn plugin
mkdir ~/.bazaar ~/.bazaar/plugins
cd ~/.bazaar/plugins
rm -rf svn
bzr checkout --lightweight \ svn
# The following is a temporary patch - it will core-dump without it
perl -p -i -e 's/(providers \+\= auth\.Subversion)/\#$1/g' svn/
perl -p -i -e 's/(providers \+\= \[auth\.get)/\#$1/g' svn/

# Setup your profile to recognize subversion 1.5
echo >> ~/.profile << \EOF
alias bzr="DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=$HOME/.bazaar/svn/lib \
PYTHONPATH=$HOME/.bazaar/svn/lib/svn-python \
. ~/.profile

# Test bzr + svn w/ ssl
cd /tmp
rm -rf test
bzr branch test

To install on OS X Tiger follow Leopard instructions: * If you updated XCode to 2.5, your libtool is broken. Installing libtool from macports solve this problem.


Debian/Ubuntu packages are available from Jelmer's Debian repository.

Ubuntu hardy and Debian sid usually also contain the latest release.

OpenSuse packages created by Michael Wolf are available from

Installation instructions for Fedora/RedHat are on

An unofficial Gentoo overlay containing the patches for Subversion versions 1.3 and 1.4, plus a bzr-svn ebuild are hosted on launchpad at


Please file bug reports in launchpad. The product URL for bzr-svn is



Unit testing

To run the bzr-svn testsuite, simply run 'bzr selftest svn'


bzr-svn was written by JelmerVernooij with the help from various other people. See the AUTHORS file in the source distribution for a list.