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Revision 6 as of 2009-11-01 03:59:57

Clear message


Change log CLI behaviour to not show unsolicited parents and to be consist with other commands.


There were some bugs logged in this regard and it seemed that most of the core devs agreed that this should be fixed.

Proposed UI enhancements

Here are the proposed changes (originally listed by John A Meinel):

  1. "bzr log -r 10" should show just the revision 10 (

  2. "bzr log -n0 -r 10" ought to show the merged revisions
  3. "bzr log -c 10" ought to show the merged revisions i.e. imply -n0 or default to -n0 in stead of -n1 (do we want this?)

  4. "bzr log (-e --exclude-lower) -r 9..11" should not show the revision for 9, but show

  5. make (-e --exclude-lower) the default. - optional/controversial


feedback welcome

Implementation plan

We would probably need to fix them in phases.

  1. I think we should fix A and B in one go, because B just checks that we don't break anything while fixing A. (

  2. do we want C ?
  3. implement D. , maybe that is sufficient if it is well documented
  4. if we really want E. do it