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A brief review of the Bazaar SCM model


A repository contains revisions (what is created on each commit) and their relations.

  • A REVISION contains:

    • Revision ID (revid). Typically these look like

    • List of parents (revid's)
    • List of properties (date, author??)
    • Commit message

A revision is roughly the same as a git commit object.

  • A INVENTORY contains:

    • Revision ID (revid). For a given commit, this revid matches with the corresponding revision.
    • List of (fileid, diff). The diff is the changes in file for fileid from X.parents[0] to X.

An inventory is roughly the same as a Mercurial (hg) manifest.

extraneous information to be integrated later

Files have their own revision graph. The nodes in a file's revision graph are all nodes in the revision graph. A file is ???