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Why Choose Bazaar?

Here's why we think Bazaar is the best choice for many people ...

Like to know more about the thinking behind Bazaar's design? Read on ...

Mark Shuttleworth on Bazaar

The following blog posts present some background on why Mark, as the CEO of Canonical, is sponsoring Bazaar:

Suggested Criteria for Evaluating VCS Tools

The following blog posts by IanClatworthy outline his thoughts on various VCS-related topics:

  1. Wanted: Rock Solid Version Control - Reliability & Robustness

  2. Version Control: The Future is Adaptive (the first post) - Workflow Flexibility, Scalability & Portability

  3. It Takes a Community to Raise Great Software - Usability

  4. Version Control: Plug-ins vs Toolkits - Extensibility

  5. Version Control: Design for Integration - Integration

Details Matter

Sometimes little things make users to appreciate Bazaar. Here are a sample:

Popularity Matters

Bazaar has a sizable and growing user base. In fact for much of 2010 and 2011 the number of bazaar users on Ubuntu more than doubled and may soon surpass the number of developers using other popular VC systems. So you won't be alone if you switch to Bazaar.

Old comparisons

These links are out of date (and probably need deleting or heavy editing):