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Bazaar Switcher Guides

Learning Bazaar

If you're already familiar with another Version Control System, the fastest way to get started with Bazaar may be by reading the relevant Switcher Guide below. These documents are designed to explain Bazaar in the context of what you already know.

Central VCS Tools:

Distributed VCS Tools:

Note: Bazaar provides all the power of a distributed VCS tool while letting you work naturally in a central way if and when you choose to do so. See Workflows for an overview of the flexibility Bazaar offers.

Migrating Files From Another Tool

Ready to make the switch? See the Bazaar Migration Guide for all the details on how to migrate your project to Bazaar.

Worried about changing back later? Don't be. While different VCS tools store different amounts of semantic information about the history of a set of files, Bazaar stores more information than most. See Choose lossless VCS tools if you have that luxury for a discussion on why we think this is important.

Improving Our Switcher Guides

If you know another VCS tool whether that be CVS, Subversion, Perforce, ClearCase, StarTeam, Arch, Baz, Darcs, Git, Mercurial, Monotone, SVK, whatever, and you can spare a few hours to help, please consider improving the above pages or adding a new one. The Bazaar developers are happy to fix grammar if required, format text nicely, get it reviewed and get it merged into the Bazaar development trunk in coming months. But your expertise and knowledge of other tools can greatly help us get the raw content together first, particularly in terms of the key things users of other tools will be use to.

The recommended template for new Switcher Guides can be found here.