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Bzr Send with Gmail

It would be nice if it was possible to 'bzr send' and have a gmail compose window pop up in firefox complete with an attachment and subject. However, there is no easy way to automatically add an attachment to a gmail message from a command line. Instead, we can use mutt with the SMTP gmail backend to achieve much the same thing.

Right now, this tutorial only works when gnome-keyring is present (any ubuntu, fedora, suse, etc), and your MUA is mutt. Making this work in more cases is obviously important because gmail is pervasive; if you have the time please jump in and extend this!

Setting up bzr send to work with mutt and gmail

  1. Get a copy my gsendmail script: bzr branch gsendmail

  2. Run --setup and enter your gmail user and password. They will be stored in the gnome keyring.

  3. Add set sendmail="~/path/to/gsendmail" to your ~/.muttrc.

  4. Download and apply this bundle to your local bzr: It adds support for mutt. It may be merged by the time you read this.

  5. Edit ~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf and add mail_client=mutt under DEFAULT.

That should do it. If you have any problems, mail me; my gmail is my last name (mierle).