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Glossary of Bazaar Version Control Terms



  • branch - a line of development. Also known as "an ordered series of revisions".

    branch, bound - a branch that sends revisions to another branch first.

    branch, shared - A branch that supports commits from multiple developers.

    branch, repository - (verify) A branch that depends upon a repository for RCS storage.

    branch, standalone - A branch that is not part of a repository

    branches, diverged - Two related branches that have had different commits since their last common revision are diverged.



  • DAG - Directed Acyclic Graph. The graph of revisions where each revision is connected to its parent revisions.

    delta - The change between two revisions.

    deprecation phase - Period during which an interface declared obsolete is being discouraged from use in the code by run time warnings.



  • knit - The current storage format for Bazaar.


  • lockstep - Two or more operations that should either succeed or fail as one pair.

    lockstep development - Working on a shared branch, so that no one can commit unless they are up-to-date.


  • merge - determining the outstanding revisions in one branch and applying them to another.

    merge,crisscross - (undone) A failed type of merge caused by two branches merging each other at the same time.




  • smart server - a program that brokers operations for intelligent bzr specific interactions on behalf of a client. Contrasts with dumb transports (e.g. http, sftp, the filesystem) currently supported by bzr.

    smart server, dedicated -(undone) a smart server that is requires some sort of communication pipeline (accepts network connections, sockets and other posisbilities) and is intended to be run continiously.

    smart server, spawned - (undone) a smart server that is run over a local or remote shell, via methods such as ssh.

    storage layer - (undone) The logically discrete portion of bazaar-ng code that is responsible for pulling and storing bzr related information.

    storage layer, ancestral The part of the storage layer that is concerned with retrieving and storing history.

    storage layer, configuration - (undone)(under contention) The part of the storage layer that is concerned with the retrieval and storage of user and branch configuration data.

    store - An object that associates a binary blob with a unique identifier.

    store, text - See store

    store, weave - (undone) A store that uses two identifiers instead of one: a file identifier, and a revision identifier. It stores the data in a set of weaves. The file identifier is used to select the weave, while the revision identifier speficies the revision within the weave.

    synchronous - a method for performing multiple operations one at a time. This method is required for performing a series of actions that are each dependant upon the results of previous actions.


  • tag - A descriptive word used as a nickname for a revision.

    testament - A canonicalized, abbreviated revision description used for signing.


  • weave - (undone) A format for recording the differences in files between revisions by recording which revisions in which a line in the weave is present.

    weavedelta - An early term for knit. See knit

    weavediff - (undone) An append-only format whose logical structure is a weave.

    working tree - A version controlled directory with files you can hack on.