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Bazaar Extras

Bazaar has a wide range of add-ons available to extend its capability and provide integration with 3rd-party tools and services. A sample of these is given below.

Web Interfaces

Loggerhead is the recommended web interface for browsing Bazaar branches over http. See WebInterfaces for additional options including Trac Integration.

Project Hosting is the recommended Bazaar project hosting service. See Using Bazaar with Launchpad for an introduction to how Bazaar and Launchpad work together to provide a rich Collaborative Development Environment.

Other project hosting services supporting Bazaar include:

GUI Clients

Bazaar Explorer provides a GUI interface to Bazaar on Windows, GNOME, KDE and OS X. See 3rdPartyTools for more options.

IDE and Editor Integrations

See 3rdPartyTools for available IDE and Editor integrations.


See BzrPlugins for a list of 100+ plugins that extend Bazaar with additional features. The Plugins Guide provides detailed documentation on popular plugins.


See BzrEnhances for a list of additional tools enhanced by Bazaar integration.