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Hats for Bazaar Explorer

Is there a Bazaar Explorer hat that could help other developers ramp up on your project? If so, make it a branch, push it to a public location and register it below! Notes on hat installation and design are provided at the end of this document.

Available Hats






Nice collection of useful links and apps for developers working on Bazaar itself


To install a hat in Bazaar Explorer 0.4 or later:

1. Change into the explorer directory under where your configuration files (e.g. bazaar.conf) are stored.

2. bzr branch URL [dest]

Hats need to be named "xxx-hat" so you'll need to specify the destination directory unless the source branch name is already in the right format.

Usage Tips

After installation, you'll need to restart Explorer for it to see new hats.

Design Tips

Remember that bookmarks are Bazaar locations - branches, repositories, etc - and that their paths are most likely local to your computer. It's generally a good idea to clear out any private hat-specific bookmarks before sharing one.

There is a way of saying that some commands only apply when a branch (say) is selected. See here for an example. The conditions aren't checked in 0.4 though.

Tool actions can include %(root)s which will be expanded with the path to the root of the current location. Additional special symbols will be added as the need arises.

When including tools, remember that some tools may not be available to developers using other operating systems. I guess we should have a way of marking (and disabling) them accordingly.