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Bazaar Books

Bazaar Version Control

Publisher: Packt Publishing Author: Janos Gyerik Twitter

This book is a step-by-step tutorial for beginner to intermediate software developers who want to get started with Bazaar quickly.

This book walks you through the principles, basic and advanced operations of version control. It takes a step-by-step approach, covering increasingly complex topics and situations of collaboration. Packed with examples, the book aims to give you a thorough understanding of version control with Bazaar, and get you fully comfortable using this powerful, highly intuitive and consistent tool, in any project and workflow thrown at you.

The sample chapter (Chapter 2: Diving into Bazaar) is a FREE download on the publisher’s website. It includes the preface, which is a nice, short and sweet introduction of the book. The chapter reveals quite a lot: it explains all the basic operations of Bazaar using both the command line client and Bazaar Explorer. It is a good sample of the overall writing style in the book, and you should definitely read this first before buying.

If you find the cover familiar, it is based on Gource, a truly awesome VCS visualization tool that works transparently with Bazaar.