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Current Babune test results

Babune stands for BAzaar BUild botNEt: a continuous integration system ensuring that the full test suite for Bazaar pass for a set of jobs of various supported setups.

Our project is to get a set of builds that are reliably always passing, and that will accurately and precisely detect regressions (mortal sin builds).

Secondarily, we may have some "venial sin" builds that are not yet reliably always passing, but that act as a hit list to get bzr up to a total test suite pass on a particular platform.

Tests may fail because:

1. an actual bug in bzr, possibly an intermittent one: file a bug, and explain on this page that the bug is causing the failure

2. a bug in jenkins or other software used to run Babune: also explain it here, so people understand that it's not a bzr bug

3. an operational issue

Current known bzr bugs causing failures

  • no critical one, but see the known pending bugs below.

Current build system bugs or operational issues

  • Build slave VMs may get stuck, resulting in no new jobs being dispatched. This shows up as all slaves being marked (offline) and/or a significant list of pending jobs. Workaround: ask vila to restart them. Fix: we should move to a setup that is not prone to this problem; perhaps running Linux based jobs in chroots rather than VMs (oneiric, natty, maverick and lucid are now running in chroots). The most common issue has been fixed (stderr leaks from the test suite) and the symptom is now rare enough again.

  • Jenkins sometimes loses its connection to the slave, apparently because of an upstream bug, which typically causes a one-off build failure with "failed to delete temporary file." This one may have been fixed in recent jenkins versions as it has not been observed for some time (2011-07-14).