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Third party tools are seperate software projects that can greatly extend the operational abilities of Bazaar. This page provides a quick conceptual description of each tool. If a particular tool can be of use to you then see the 3rdPartyDownloads page. Another type of third party software specifically meant for Bzr usage are Bazaar Plugins.

GUI Front-ends

  • Explorer - cross platform desktop application for Bazaar

  • SCM Multi-VCS front-end

  • Meld Mainly a merge/diff program, but also supports repository browsing,commit, update...

  • Push Me Pull You A GUI for distributed VCS systems, in development.

  • Diffuse is a graphical merge and comparison tool with Bazaar support.

  • bzr-gtk provides a graphical visualization of Bazaar branches and GTK+ interface for annotate.

  • QBzr provides a graphical interface for Bazaar using the QT+ toolkit.

  • Wildcat BZR cross-platform GUI based on wxPython.

  • BzrLog Take notes while you hack to improve commit messages.

Shell integration

Editor/IDE Integration

Merge Management

  • PatchQueueManager is a email based system to manage a multi-committer branch by following orders given by email.

Multi-Tree Management

  • ConfigManager gives developers the ability to split a tree into several branches. Multiple revision control systems are supported.

Integrated Bug Trackers

  • TracBzr integrates bug tracking, wiki functionality and branch management in one interface.

  • BugTool integrates sourceforge with a local RT instance

  • Bugs Everywhere A decentralized bug tracker

  • Ditz Another decentralized bug tracker, SCM-agnostic, written in Ruby

Web visualization tools